The Podcast


Nerd Cred is a show about… nerding. We firmly believe that everyone is a nerd about something. You just might call it passionate instead. Caleb & Drew were both born in the 80s and have spent more than a fair share of time playing videogames, watching tv/movies, and then quoting them.

Join us each week as we talk about what we are currently “nerding” about. Current Nerding is our weekly recap. What did we do since the last recording? What games are we playing? What movies did we see? TV shows? Books read? Websites visited? Applications tried? Comics read? And more. We also include a current news segment based on game announcements, movies, books, TV, cat gifs, etc.

For the first 30+ episodes we take a retrospective look back at a year (starting with 1980) and examine that years big games, books, movies, achievements and more. Was it really advanced for its time? Was it legitimately fun? Or are we just blinded by nostalgia? Maybe a delightful combination of all 3? Who knows?

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The Hosts

Caleb Wojcik

After two decades of playing video games like it was his job, Caleb runs a video production company and YouTubes like a tween. This is his 3rd podcast. It’s debatable where it ranks.

Drew Baillon

He too partakes in the entrepreneurial world and is attempting to fit in with the “northwest” culture by going outside more. This is his 1st podcast. It’s debatable where it ranks.